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7 Ways to an Alcohol Free Lifestyle

Breaking Habits of a Lifetime So how can you break a habit that could potentially have been going on for years and years and has crept up on you without you even realizing. Now I know a lot of you will still be saying “but I like a drink” that’s fine for you, but really think about whether you ARE in fact drinking a bit too much, just consider what your life would be like if you stopped even for 30 days. Get curious enough to find out. So here is my 7 steps to helping you through this very difficult […]


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7 Benefits of not Drinking Alcohol

Yes – there are benefits People drinking over two drinks a day are robbing themselves, they're robbing themselves of their life and others.   Following on from my previous blog 5 Signs You Are drinking Too Much Alcohol and the research by Dr. Janice Withnall who starts to address how to solve this problem. This includes identifying anxiety-based triggers early, peer support programs, finding new ways to relax and new routines. She recommends having counsellors, you need psychologists, you need social welfare people because alcoholism touches every part of your life. She said it was important to help women because […]

5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol I was shocked to read an article recently by Dr. Janice Whithnall that more than 500,000 middle-aged Australian women are engaging in high-risk drinking. 1. Pressure This is mainly due to the fact they are drowning under the pressures of teenage children, ageing parents, work responsibilities, business pressure, financial challenges and demanding partners, change of relationship status, loneliness, not feeling loved or worthy. As much as 16 per cent of the women, the drinking was high-risk leading to dependence. This equated to 624,000 women aged between 35 and 59 struggling with risky […]

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