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7 Benefits of not Drinking Alcohol

Yes – there are benefits

People drinking over two drinks a day are robbing themselves, they're robbing themselves of their life and others.


Following on from my previous blog 5 Signs You Are drinking Too Much Alcohol and the research by Dr. Janice Withnall who starts to address how to solve this problem. This includes identifying anxiety-based triggers early, peer support programs, finding new ways to relax and new routines. She recommends having counsellors, you need psychologists, you need social welfare people because alcoholism touches every part of your life. She said it was important to help women because excess drinking put them at risk of alcohol-related disorders as well as other conditions like breast cancer and dementia.

Bottle of wine

We have a tendency to think we are just getting old – how many of you have said… 'I've got so many things in my head' – when it's actually the opposite, there's less and less cognitive function actually happening because of the alcohol.

I made a decision to stop drinking alcohol, not least of which because of many of the reasons discussed in this blog, but also because I wanted to really find out what life would be like without alcohol, what changes would take place to my body, mind and soul. This is what I found:

1.Weight Loss

Yes I lost a lot of weight, so any of you out there that are looking to lose weight and you’ve tried every diet on the planet, try the ‘no-alcohol AT ALL diet’. You will not fail at this one, I promise.

2. I Have Super Senses

That’s right, I am no-longer de-sensitised, which includes my sense of smell, I’m affected by very strong perfumes or food smells now. Not always in a good way I admit. My sense of hearing is very acute, where loud noises are very uncomfortable for me, so much so that I have had to find ways of blocking some sounds out. My sense of taste has changed – so much so that I did actually have a pudding with alcohol in it last year and it was offensive to my taste buds. Oh dear this is not sounding good is it? Stick with me though it gets better. I am super sensitive to other people and their emotions and have the ability to truly empathize with them on a deep level.

3. Migraines Stopped

Having always been a sufferer of migraines as frequently as once a week that would last between 1 – 4 days without any respite from them, nothing would get rid of them. Pain killers, meditation, EFT, absolutely nothing. Now I rarely suffer from a migraine or a headache and I am sure it is due to a much cleaner, alcohol free body.

4. In Control of my Emotions

Whilst I have become highly sensitive and emotional, I recognize those emotions and I am capable of making positive choices about those emotions, it’s not always easy as I have many personal challenges in my life as we all do. Rather than reacting though I am able to consider and respond appropriately and when I don’t, I have the ability to learn from it and make amends. I feel a deep sense of love and forgiveness now.

5. My Body Feels Cleaner

Just eliminating the alcohol from your system will establish a certain level of detoxification, you may find that you get a head ache from the withdrawal or something more serious. Depending on the level of drinking you are doing depends on whether you need professional help or not and you will know. Once the withdrawal has passed your body will suddenly feel lighter, cleaner and healthier.

6. Increased Energy

Do you remember in the previous blog I wrote that I felt tired the following day after drinking wine, I felt lethargic and although I was able to get on with my day it was much more of a struggle. With the elimination of alcohol, your energy levels will increase, you will be able to achieve so much more than you can at the moment, whether that’s in terms of exercise, running a business, achieving financial goals, meeting and surpassing your dreams.

7. You’ll Become More Alert

You will find that your brain will become more alert, it will have the capacity to cognitise much faster than before and you’ll be able to remember all of those things that you seemed to be forgetting in the past. So no it’s not because you are getting older! That’s good right.

I'll be honest with you, I didn't want to wrap up the benefits to you in a tidy pink bow, I wanted to keep it realistic for you. You can see the benefits are immense, it's a journey that you must be prepared to go on. To sacrifice, yes sacrifice the so called 'fun' and 'high' feeling that you got from the alcohol. Is it really a sacrifice though when you consider so many benefits to not drinking. I haven't even touched on additional health benefits that you will derive from not drinking.

Sunni Barnett Suzanne Barnett

You may not be ready to stop drinking, after all it’s socially acceptable, it’s a social past-time, and a nice one at that. Find your inspiration to change your life, find the inspiration to be a role model to your kids. Trust me YOU are their biggest influencer in how they are around alcohol.

What would be your greatest incentive to give up alcohol, leave your comments below.

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