7 Ways to an Alcohol Free Lifestyle

Breaking Habits of a LifetimeMeditation

So how can you break a habit that could potentially have been going on for years and years and has crept up on you without you even realizing. Now I know a lot of you will still be saying “but I like a drink” that’s fine for you, but really think about whether you ARE in fact drinking a bit too much, just consider what your life would be like if you stopped even for 30 days. Get curious enough to find out. So here is my 7 steps to helping you through this very difficult time. At the end of the day it’s a choice, carry on if you want to, if you are amongst those that are ready to make different choices then here is a plan for you to follow and I am not going to sugar coat it either, it’s not always easy, sometimes you'll buckle, you may even have the odd drink and don't beat yourself up over it, you may even lose some friends, people will relate to you differently, the outcome though is that you WILL actually be your authentic self, you'll love yourself that bit more. I will give you 7 steps below, you have resources available to you that will absolutely guarantee and ensure your success.

1. Decide on When To Stop and Change Your Mindset

You could set a date for the start, a little bit like what I call the ‘Monday diet’ "Oh, I’ll start on Monday next week" or "after that big wedding I’m going to" or "after this huge project I’m working on" or even "once I've finished those few bottles of champagne in the fridge, be a shame to waste it!" You get what I mean, excuses, excuses. The only time to start is NOW. Right NOW right this minute. Be strong and make the choice and do it. (if you have a serious drinking problem, please seek the advice of a Doctor and join a support group)

2. Avoid Sabotage

This means either from yourself or others, remove any alcohol from the fridge, cupboards anywhere it may be in your house. This may be difficult if you have a partner that wishes to continue to drink. This was a major challenge for me, the person I was living with was a heavy drinker, which meant there was alcohol around all the time. I did give into it a few times, but the longer I abstained the easier it became, especially as my taste buds were changing, I just didn’t like the flavour of the wine anymore.

3. Tell your friends

Tell your friends that you have decided to stop drinking, Some of them will give you a lot of grief about it, suggesting that there is something wrong with you or that you won’t be 'fun anymore'. (of course you will still be fun in fact more so, and you will have more fun watching your friends get drunk). Some will even encourage you to drink when you are out with them. Worse comes to worse – don’t go out with those friends! Some of your friends will be incredibly supportive and sensitive to your efforts, they are the keepers.

4. Use EFT Therapy

One of the problems for women today is that we are holding on to multiple traumas that as we get older and they have stacked up we become less and less able to cope with them in the same way we used to. You will be holding on to a lot of traumas or limiting belief patterns that will try and sabotage your efforts. You’ll hold onto anxiety and stress and in fact it will feel worse before it feels better. I great way to fast track to feeling better is to work with an EFT specialist. Start by finding out how to tap on the correct meridians, (here is a FREE video for you) then write down all the negative emotions that come up for you,  and tap each one of them away in turn. You will probably find that other emotions will come up, remember to write those down as well. It will be emotional and you'll feel like giving up. DON'T

I recommend working with a specialist simply because you will have a lot of emotions to work through. You will also be able to work on addictive behavior and cravings for the alcohol and other cravings so these to can be eliminated and the void these emotions leave can be filled with positive intentions toward transformation to a healthier more authentic version of you. For bookings with me or recommendations of other practitioners email me 

5. Start Meditation

OK, OK  I hear you “but I can’t meditate”, “I don’t have the time”. Well first of all how badly to you want to get healthy? Secondly everyone can meditate and thirdly it just takes 20 minutes a day and yes everyone, I mean everyone can meditate. You are talking to the worlds worse butterfly brain here, my mind will flit and fly from one topic to another from what’s for dinner, to new business concepts, to oh crikey I forgot to call so and so. Meditation was really tough for me in the beginning, I would fidget, scratch, move, my eyes would blink because they didn't want to stay closed, my mind became more busy and when I was told to put attention onto by breath I suddenly felt like I was running a race. I persevered, I had support from a very dear friend who encouraged me to meditate, his words of simply 'did you meditate today' kept me on track. I had the opportunity to ask questions about different techniques and did a lot of research on the internet. There are lot's of free videos on how to do it and meditation music.

I wish I could be in front of you right now to express my enthusiasm and conviction that if nothing else this will be the Number One tool that will transform your life. All successful people meditate it is not reserved for spiritual gurus it is for you and once you practice more and more you will want to extend the amount of time you meditate. Suddenly you will become laser focused on all those other things in your life and you'll even eliminate the unnecessary, you will have a sense of calm about you which will grow and grow and your coping ability to deal with past traumas will no longer be needed because you will realise that the past has gone, cannot be changed and you can only work on your plans and what is happening right now. This has been an enlightening experience for me, taking me from butterfly brain to quiet mind, to stillness, to permanent calm, serenity and peace in my life.

6. Carry out some mindful exercise

If you are the type of person that needs a vigorous work out then jog, join a gym, swim just do something everyday. In fact, if you don’t exercise at all, start walking instead of getting the bus or taking the car. I know it’s really simple stuff, but so many people don’t do the simple things, like getting out in the fresh air every day. Personally I love to go down to the beach everyday. I walk down the hill, along the beach and some mornings I carry out my Yoga practice whilst down there. As a Yoga teacher it’s important for me to keep up my daily practice. Something I never anticipated I would be able to do or be. Becoming a Yoga Teacher is not just about teaching for me it’s a lifestyle choice, which means no alcohol anyway. I’m not suggesting that you need to become a yoga teacher, but do consider embarking on a yoga practice though, even if you think you are to fat, to thin, not fit, too bendy you can do yoga. If you prefer a gentle type of Yoga then Hatha yoga is perfect for you, if you prefer something more vigorous then try some form of power yoga, there are so many types of yoga that something will suit your specific needs. Yoga will change your body shape very quickly, it works on your internal organs, as well as your external muscles and skeletal structure. The benefits of yoga are vast and I'll be writing more about it – so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my regular newsletter to keep informed.

7. Do Not Give Up – Get Support

In the beginning it will all seem a bit severe, harsh even to stop drinking wine, afterall it’s not that much! Is it? Really take a look at how much you are drinking, and no cheating. You may well cave in and have a drink, that’s OK, you don’t have to be perfect, just get back on track immediately, do not beat yourself up. It really is OK. Seek the support that you need, if it's a serious drinking issue then please please go to a support group, if it's an issue that you've been thinking "yeah I think I drink a bit too much" then you do and start doing something about it today. 

I really hope that this blog post has helped you and would love to know if you have decided to embark on a journey of transformation. I'm here to support you in that transformation as an NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, but most importantly I'm an average woman in her 50's that wants to live an extraordinary life, I've had my ups and downs, I've been in and out of love, I've had many traumas and I'll share my experiences with you that will help you on your journey to inner freedom.

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