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DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE AND LIVE CLEAN We all know that the Modere range of Household Care products are the perfect way to keep your home – and everything in it – clean. However, for many of us, the first step towards having a clean home is the process of decluttering first. Much like achieving anything worthwhile, the first step is to set a goal. Make a plan, if you’re aiming to declutter a single room or your entire home. Start with a list.   Write down, or make a map, of all the spaces and clutter hot spots (such as cupboards and […]

Declutter Your Life

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Sun Exposure is Not All Bad!

Sun Exposure is Not All Bad! I've been very concerned about everyone saying to me that sun exposure is bad for you in Australia, everyone tells me I should cover up and not go out in the sun or that I should put plenty of sun cream on. My big concern is that most sunscreens do not provide the protection I need and I am worried about the harmful chemicals that's contained within them going on to my skin. With the sun penetrating the skin, it just feels to me that it's somehow worse. The problem is that most Australians are […]