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Top 10 Anti-Ageing Skin Care Tips We should all love the person we see in the mirror, but are there times when you see your own face and think that just maybe you couldn’t get away with using words like ‘radiant’, ‘renewed’ and ‘refreshed’ to describe your skin anymore? We all know those outward signs of ageing and most of us would love to turn the clock back a little, maybe not to fully revisit our youth, but to experience the sensation of looking and feeling more youthful. Stopping or reversing time isn’t possible, but fortunately there are simple steps […]


Anti-aging with Modere

8 Easy Anti-Aging Tips

8 Easy Anti-Aging Tips ~ The best way to look younger is to be born later – and as we haven’t worked out time travel, that’s a problem! However, there are some practical steps to help minimise the effects of time on your body.   There is little that ages the skin faster than prolonged exposure to UV light. When you step outside, be sun smart and always use Sunscreen. Alternatively, add Modere Day Lotion with its inbuilt SPF15 protection to your daily skin care regimen.   Keep your liquid levels up – preferably just plain water. Where you live and what you […]

Sun Exposure is Not All Bad!

Sun Exposure is Not All Bad! I've been very concerned about everyone saying to me that sun exposure is bad for you in Australia, everyone tells me I should cover up and not go out in the sun or that I should put plenty of sun cream on. My big concern is that most sunscreens do not provide the protection I need and I am worried about the harmful chemicals that's contained within them going on to my skin. With the sun penetrating the skin, it just feels to me that it's somehow worse. The problem is that most Australians are […]

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