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Trust has to be earned – or does it?

“I have a big issue with trust.” “I don’t trust anyone.” “Trust has to be earned.” “Once trust is broken it can never be fixed”   Have you ever heard yourself saying any of the statements above? Have you heard others same them to you? What does it feel like for you when you say those words?  Do you feel completely justified in uttering these words, a righteous indignation that YOU must be right about trust or lack of. You of course, are completely trustworthy and would never do anything to betray that trust. Or would you? These statements are […]

trust yourself today

Yumiko and Sunni at Yoga

Friendship or Friendliness

Friendship is destructive, it's false, it lies and it has false expectation. As much as we think we don't set expectations. Friendliness is absolute freedom: you give out of our abundance; it is not a need. Of course, existence understands that the person who is giving without any demands is a rare being. Existence takes care of your needs, but they are not demanded. Even if it does not fulfill your needs, it simply shows that deep down in your unconscious you are clinging to the idea of friendship. Only fools can be decieved just by changing the words. What is […]