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Why You Should Retreat

    The warmth of the sun on your face as you arrive, the big friendly smiles of our staff as they hand you a refreshing welcoming healthy cocktail. A welcome befitting of the start of your luxurious life changing Retreat. You're shown to your luxury accommodation overlooking the ocean or garden for the week and join fifteen like-minded women and men who are on the same  health, wellbeing and soul searching journey as you. Wake up and meet in the Frangipani Garden for Yoga & Meditation. Stretch your body, relax your mind and energise your soul for the day ahead. Pinch […]

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Flowers of Bali

Christmas Special Offer

BOOK NOW FOR THIS AMAZING OFFER OF $300 USD OFF UNTIL THE 1ST JANUARY 2015 SunniLove Bali Body, Mind & Soul Retreat on the coast of Bali , known as The Island of the Gods. Highly spiritual, very private location, away from the busy tourist strip, it’s a community of friendly Balinese that welcome visitors to the area with natural ease, making it the perfect place to hold our Healthy Healing Yoga Retreat. As soon as you enter the SunniLove Retreat the ambience will soothe your body, mind and soul! Our schedule is designed to help you reach into your inner soul. We want you […]

Top 7 Social Media Trends

As a Yoga Retreat Business Owner, EFT Practitioner and ex Social Media Marketer I'm always interested to read articles about how we can improve our reach and our engagement with social media. So when I came across this article about what will be trending in 2015 it made me stop and think about a conversation I've been having with my business partner about the need for more video and pictures. Me being a visual and kinesthetic person I am always attracted to the pictures and videos and my partner being a creative then this is going to be very exciting for […]

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WIN a 5 Day VIP Retreat in Bali Valued $2,000 USD

ENTER NOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FABULOUS VIP 5-DAY YOGA RETREAT WORTH $2,000 USD THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED AND YOU WILL FIND THE COMPETITION WINNER HERE Are you an Entrepreneur or in a job that’s made you feel burnt out, worn out, flat, tired, feeling stressed, too much to do in your business and not enough time to do it and you’ve lost your sparkle?   SunniLove Bali Body, Mind & Soul Retreat is a hidden gem in Candi Dasa a quiet and sacred location on the East Coast of Bali. Highly spiritual, very private location, away from the busy tourist […]

7 Amazing Lifestyle Benefits of Practicing Yoga

I was only thinking the other day how alive I feel, how I don't have any aches and pains and how my focus has been heightened. At 52 I am fitter than I have ever been, I weight the same as when I left school and I can't remember the last time I had a cold or some kind of virus. I've practiced yoga inconsistently for a number of years, but of late I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the practice of yoga and meditation, not least of which I am now a Yoga Teacher and […]

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Mid-Life Crisis or Re-Invention?

"You're going through a mid-life crisis", "you've been irresponsible", "you should have got a job" These were the words that were being drummed into me during this weekend from many directions. Is it that I am going through a mid-life crisis or are those people that are saying it frightened of the changes that are being made. So what does that actually mean? Do we become so frightened of growing old that we have an addiction to Botox and plastic surgery in an attempt to turn back time? Or is it, like many women having an affair with a younger man? […]

5 Yoga Principles of Yama – Social Discipline

Following these 5 Social Disciplines will create a life of balance of mind and body. Will bring an inner energetic peace to your being. Your inner energy of love will alter the energy of everyone around you to one of peace, love and tranquility. Returning to your essence of non-judgement and selfless behavour. 1. Ahimsa – Non Violence This includes mode of behaviour toward all living creatures, which means the abscence of harmful intentions whatsoever. This is to be followed on three levels; Physical, Oral and Mental. Control your actions, words and mind. Generate love and compassion toward all living […]