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15 WELLNESS TIPS TO HELP KEEP YOU HEALTHY We may not think that we’re so closely tied to the rhythms of nature in our highly urbanised modern societies, but as the days start to shorten and the leaves change colour, our bodies naturally respond to the patterns that govern all life. To help ease the change, we have put together our autumn wellness tips to get you ready for the colder months and help keep your health in check. Consider taking a vitamin D supplement. We get most of our vitamin D from the sun, so when there’s less daylight, your […]

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Declutter Your Life


DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE AND LIVE CLEAN We all know that the Modere range of Household Care products are the perfect way to keep your home – and everything in it – clean. However, for many of us, the first step towards having a clean home is the process of decluttering first. Much like achieving anything worthwhile, the first step is to set a goal. Make a plan, if you’re aiming to declutter a single room or your entire home. Start with a list.   Write down, or make a map, of all the spaces and clutter hot spots (such as cupboards and […]

Sun Exposure is Not All Bad!

Sun Exposure is Not All Bad! I've been very concerned about everyone saying to me that sun exposure is bad for you in Australia, everyone tells me I should cover up and not go out in the sun or that I should put plenty of sun cream on. My big concern is that most sunscreens do not provide the protection I need and I am worried about the harmful chemicals that's contained within them going on to my skin. With the sun penetrating the skin, it just feels to me that it's somehow worse. The problem is that most Australians are […]

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The Essential Detox Checklist for Your Home

THE ESSENTIAL DETOX CHECKLIST FOR YOUR HOME There are numerous potentially harmful chemicals or toxins you may not know are in your house. Look at these chemical hotspots and see if you can detox your home of these harmful household items. Synthetic Pesticides: Weed and bug killers can be dangerous inside and outside of your home. Instead, use natural critter repellents like peppermint essential oil and non-toxic weed killers that aren’t dangerous for pets or run-off water. Antibacterial Soaps: The antimicrobial chemical in soaps, triclosan, is known to disrupt the aquatic environment.  Get rid of soaps with this harmful chemical. […]

Why You Should Retreat

    The warmth of the sun on your face as you arrive, the big friendly smiles of our staff as they hand you a refreshing welcoming healthy cocktail. A welcome befitting of the start of your luxurious life changing Retreat. You're shown to your luxury accommodation overlooking the ocean or garden for the week and join fifteen like-minded women and men who are on the same  health, wellbeing and soul searching journey as you. Wake up and meet in the Frangipani Garden for Yoga & Meditation. Stretch your body, relax your mind and energise your soul for the day ahead. Pinch […]

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Why Am I Eating So Much Bread and Sugar?

I have a confession to make… Whilst realatively healthy in terms of exercise and I practice Yoga and meditation everyday, sometimes twice a day and pescetarian. My consumption of food has to be brought into question. It seems that I have slipped into very old bad habits of eating vast amounts of bread and sugar. Lot's of excuses such as I've been travelling, I’ve moved a number of times and I’ve become very busy and haven’t had time to shop properly. All of these are excuses though and today I am making a change especially as after a couple of months of […]

7 Ways to an Alcohol Free Lifestyle

Breaking Habits of a Lifetime So how can you break a habit that could potentially have been going on for years and years and has crept up on you without you even realizing. Now I know a lot of you will still be saying “but I like a drink” that’s fine for you, but really think about whether you ARE in fact drinking a bit too much, just consider what your life would be like if you stopped even for 30 days. Get curious enough to find out. So here is my 7 steps to helping you through this very difficult […]


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7 Benefits of not Drinking Alcohol

Yes – there are benefits People drinking over two drinks a day are robbing themselves, they're robbing themselves of their life and others.   Following on from my previous blog 5 Signs You Are drinking Too Much Alcohol and the research by Dr. Janice Withnall who starts to address how to solve this problem. This includes identifying anxiety-based triggers early, peer support programs, finding new ways to relax and new routines. She recommends having counsellors, you need psychologists, you need social welfare people because alcoholism touches every part of your life. She said it was important to help women because […]

5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol I was shocked to read an article recently by Dr. Janice Whithnall that more than 500,000 middle-aged Australian women are engaging in high-risk drinking. 1. Pressure This is mainly due to the fact they are drowning under the pressures of teenage children, ageing parents, work responsibilities, business pressure, financial challenges and demanding partners, change of relationship status, loneliness, not feeling loved or worthy. As much as 16 per cent of the women, the drinking was high-risk leading to dependence. This equated to 624,000 women aged between 35 and 59 struggling with risky […]

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