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5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

5 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol I was shocked to read an article recently by Dr. Janice Whithnall that more than 500,000 middle-aged Australian women are engaging in high-risk drinking. 1. Pressure This is mainly due to the fact they are drowning under the pressures of teenage children, ageing parents, work responsibilities, business pressure, financial challenges and demanding partners, change of relationship status, loneliness, not feeling loved or worthy. As much as 16 per cent of the women, the drinking was high-risk leading to dependence. This equated to 624,000 women aged between 35 and 59 struggling with risky […]

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Influence of Proximity

I was listening to a talk the other evening about the Power of Proximity or as I like to call it Influence of Proximity. Research has shown that you are the average of your five closest friends, the company that you keep determines who you are.  Do you feel completely drained, sucked dry of your energy, or do you feel uplifted, empowered and inspired as if you could be, do, have anything in your grasp as a result of simply being in their presence and being present. The company that you keep determines who you are and often all we really want in life […]

Trust has to be earned – or does it?

“I have a big issue with trust.” “I don’t trust anyone.” “Trust has to be earned.” “Once trust is broken it can never be fixed”   Have you ever heard yourself saying any of the statements above? Have you heard others same them to you? What does it feel like for you when you say those words?  Do you feel completely justified in uttering these words, a righteous indignation that YOU must be right about trust or lack of. You of course, are completely trustworthy and would never do anything to betray that trust. Or would you? These statements are […]

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Mid-Life Crisis or Re-Invention?

"You're going through a mid-life crisis", "you've been irresponsible", "you should have got a job" These were the words that were being drummed into me during this weekend from many directions. Is it that I am going through a mid-life crisis or are those people that are saying it frightened of the changes that are being made. So what does that actually mean? Do we become so frightened of growing old that we have an addiction to Botox and plastic surgery in an attempt to turn back time? Or is it, like many women having an affair with a younger man? […]