Breathing Techniques

Breathing is essential

The Art of Deep Breathing for restoring Calm  – Ever felt so stressed out you thought you were losing your mind? Does it sometimes seem like there’s no way to restore calm and balance when faced with stressful situations?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you’ll be pleased to discover a really simple yet powerful strategy for reducing stress and restoring calm to the mind and body. The strategy is deep breathing and it can literally be applied by anyone to restore balance when faced with stressful situations and trying times. During our Yoga practices we always take the opportunity to practice and apply Pranayama.

What exactly is deep breathing?

Deep breathing involves manipulating your breathes and breathing patterns though deep breathing exercises in order to influence feelings on an emotional level. It’s used primarily for relaxation purposes, for example it may be used to help you calm down from stress or to help you enter a deepened meditative state.

It doesn’t matter the reason for you applying deep breathe exercises, you can benefit from deep breathing anywhere, anytime and cost-free. With that said, when is it appropriate to implement deep breathing exercises? How often should you be practicing your deep breathing exercises?

When to do Deep Breathing Exercises

There’s no concrete rule which stipulates when you should do your breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can be used anytime so it depends on the circumstances and what you wish to achieve from deep breathing.

Here are a few examples of when you might wish to implement deep breathing exercises:

  • To refresh your mind and body when feeling weary and fatigued
  • Restore calm and balance mentally and physically
  • To lessen stress levels during stressful situations
  • To help enter deepened meditative states
  • To unwind after a hectic period

Techniques for BreathingAs you can see there are many reasons a person may wish to use deep breathing exercises. You may wish to do some deep breathing exercises in the morning to help rejuvenate your mind and body ready for the days challenges or you may prefer to use deep breathing to combat anxiety and stress.

Whatever your reason you can always take a moment or two to apply some deep breathing exercises for an almost instant calming effect. If you find yourself faced with a stressful situation then sit back, remove yourself from the chaos and take a few deep breathes, you’ll soon feel more relaxed and less worked-up.

Here are a few basic guidelines for implementing deep breathing:

  1. Take long, slow, deep and natural breathes
  2. Breathe in through your belly and not your chest
  3. Place a hand on your belly, if your breathing effectively your hand will rise and fall as you breathe
  4. Use a “mantra” (word or phrase) that you repeat with each breathe for an even quicker calming effect

Health Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises can benefit you in many ways. They can provide a quick lift when you need it and can even ward-off more serious conditions such as physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. Even if you’re looking for a more fixated impact on your health you can develop a daily routine of breathing exercises.

Some key benefits of deep breathing exercises include:

  • Calm nerves
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved circulatory system
  • Well regulated lung and core muscles
  • Better digestive system and disposal of toxins

The more you practice deep breathing techniques the more habitual it becomes. You’ll soon be manipulating your breathing at will to help you cope in demanding situations and to restore calm and balance when needed.

What you achieve from deep breathing exercises in terms of health will be dependent on the consistency and type of breathing exercises you use. There are many different techniques and exercises for deep breathing, the key is to experiment a little and find what works well for you.

Who Can Benefit From Deep Breathing Exercises?

breathing heart stoneJust about anyone can benefit from deep breathing exercises. It’s worth taking into consideration though any current health problems linked to your respiratory system. If you do suffer with chronic asthma, bronchitis or something similar then it’s always wisest to consult with your GP or physician first.

Other than that deep breathing exercises are an extremely powerful technique for restoring calm and balance to mind and body. Start now by sitting back and taking  moment to close your eyes and practice taking long, slow, deep breathes. Witness for yourself the benefits of this completely natural healing strategy

What breathing techniques do you practice? Leave your comments below.