Osho Zen Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot

Clinging to the Past ~ It's very easy to get drawn back into the past especially if we have a conversation with someone from the past. However, we are our own worst enemy, if we keep relating a story that belongs in the past, even if it feels as if it is happening in the now. By doing this repetitive story telling we never move out of the past we never really embrace being in the moment. It's stupidity and madness to cling to the past. What is gone is gone. Stop telling your story, to justify your emotions, accept the emotion, cry it out if you have to, but don't cling on to it. I speak from experience and it will only create misery. Free yourself and let it all go NOW.

If you look at the picture you will see that she is clinging on to a box of memories, because she has turned her back on the enjoyment of being in the now she is in ragged clothes and looks like a beggar because she hasn't fully embraced the delights and pleasures of this moment. It's time to face up to the fact that the past is gone.

I used to do an exercise with people when I was using NLP as a coaching tool. I'd like to share that with you now.

Think of the situation that is in the past that keeps coming up for you over and over again, it maybe that you have been thinking about it, you may see a picture that reminds you of a moment, maybe a song triggers it, or it could be a conversation you are having with someone, maybe you are being a victim of your story and blaming everyone else for where you are now based on what happened in the past.

Take all of those thoughts and put them in the box, every single one of them, name them as you put them in the box, you can put your tears in there as well. Once you have put them all in the box, put the lid on and tie it up with a pretty bow. Now I want you to pick up the box, it may be small, it may be huge. I want you to look up into the sky and find a beautiful bring sparkly star and like a rugby player I want you to give that box one almighty huge kick, so hard that it will reach the star you have selected as your target. Give the box your blessing as it travels on it's way to the star and watch it reach the star and go beyond.

Now stand with your eyes closed for a moment, take a deep breathe in and let the light of the star shine down through your body, feel the lightness of the freedom of the burden you have imposed on yourself for such a long tie.

Enjoy every moment with love, fun, and laughter.