screaming sunni

Mid-Life Crisis or Re-Invention?

screaming sunni

"You're going through a mid-life crisis", "you've been irresponsible", "you should have got a job"

These were the words that were being drummed into me during this weekend from many directions. Is it that I am going through a mid-life crisis or are those people that are saying it frightened of the changes that are being made. So what does that actually mean?

Do we become so frightened of growing old that we have an addiction to Botox and plastic surgery in an attempt to turn back time? Or is it, like many women having an affair with a younger man? Is it packing it all in, the job, business, family life, social life and becoming a nomad, a gypsy sleeping on couches and travelling the world.

It's not always that dramatic, or such a crisis point. You may be suffering from boredom, a feeling of worthlessness, lacking confidence, that once you had oodles of, a loneliness and lack of meaning to your life, depression and anxiety hit you. Perhaps you are having that extra glass of wine in the evening and really looking forward to it, repeatedly changing jobs/business or partners, or shopping and purchasing goods that are way too expensive, but never quite finding the satisfaction you are looking for.

It could be triggered by many things a seperation or divorce, which puts you into a grief of your past, your present and your future, a serious illness, redundancy, business failure, teenage children not needing you quite the way they once did, the loss of a parent, moving to a new country and trying to establish yourself. Or it can just occur out of the blue.

On Beach in CandidasaSo when I packed a couple of suitcases and started housesitting and completely minimising my material requirements in life, went to South East Asia for two months, bought hideously expensive shoes that I neither really wanted or needed, changed my hairstyle, hair colour, got a new name, stopped wearing makup and got tattoos – maybe I should consider that I am going through a mid-life crisis!

On the otherhand if it means breaking out of old habits, old ways of doing things, becoming my authentic self, transforming my life into being and doing what I was destined to be and do and for the first time in my life feeling true to myself and happy again, then yes please bring on this mid-life crisis.

painful frustration

Bring it on with all it's glory of change, transformation, re-invention, re-newed vigour and excitement of living a life of challenge, joy, laughter. I am the healthiest I have ever been and the fittest I have ever been, I have a sparkle in my eyes that was dimmed for many years and I have re-newed energy for a business that allows me to help others.Sunni in Hat

I am following my purpose and passion of helping others through this very painful transistional time, helping others with Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, eating healthy and giving both men and women the opportunity to sit in their own truth, sit in their own freedom away from "who others think you should be". To give you the chance to find out what it is that you want to do with the second half of your life.

Sunni at KlearBeach office in Bali




Come and spend some time with me in Bali in 2015 and find your authentic self, get back to your essence of being and have fun, be invigorated and excited about living again. Come and find your purpose, or just chill and relax.


Finally – leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you if you feel you are going through a mid-life crisis, or just making a decision to change direction.