Breakthrough - Osho Zen Tarot


Breakthrough - Osho Zen Tarot


So today the card I pulled out of the Osho Zen Tarot Cards, or should I say dropped out of the pack is Breakthrough. I like it when they seem to jump or just drop, means I definitely haven’t chosen the card, and the card has chosen me.

This evening, for me has been particularly challenging, you see I have been attempting to resolve and issue with a family member and it’s been going on for weeks now. I have put aside old habits of basically saying, “Fuck you” and walking away and have kept trying to find ways to get back into her heart. All of my attempts however, have been treated with contempt, disrespect, aggression, lack of compassion, love and dismissiveness.I’ll be honest I have had massive feelings of rejection and shame.

A very important, significant and relevant part of my identity and  role in life that I have played together with who I am and what I represent has been brought into question.

Tonight, after having had a conversation with various parties involved and once again treated with lack of care, compassion and love. I spoke the words “I think I’ve done as much as I can, I think I’ve had enough, I’ve demeaned myself as much as I dare to go, enough is enough”

So this card seems to also support that decision. To me this card indicates that a breakthrough is currently happening right now. Breaking through old patterns, old beliefs, old paradigms and finally really embracing the new me.  These last few weeks have really tested my resolve to stay in a peaceful, blissful state of harmony and love and I’ve managed to achieve it. Even if I’ve had fleeting moments of wanting to scream, punch someone in the face and get really angry. They were, however, fleeting moments. I’ve stayed true to myself, maintained my dignity and have accepted what is with grace.

What the Book Says

‘This card shows the subject having immense energy, power and strength. The brilliant glow is emanating from the solar plexus which is interesting considering that my mind was saying that my self worth was taking a bashing, but I actually didn’t feel lack of self worth – that’s an indication of how far I have come on this spiritual journey. There is a posture of exuberance and determination. The interpretation on the card actually uses the words ‘enough is enough’ – what did I say earlier on in the evening?

'If you are feeling enough is enough it’s time to cast aside the burdens of old beliefs, old patterns and limitations that have kept your beautiful essence and energy from flowing. In doing so you will be surprised at the vitality and empowerment this breakthrough will give you.’

Meditation is what will help you to go through the chaos, through the dark night of the soul, balanced, disciplined and alert.

Namaste & Divine Light

Sunni Barnett Suzanne Barnett