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As you know I received this deck of Osho Zen Tarot Cards for my birthday and I was set a task by the giver of the cards. The task is to learn the cards so that I can provide readings (they obviously have more faith in my abilities than I do). Now I'll be honest I've never done anything like this before because I've never trusted that I would be able to provide an accurate reading for myself let alone anyone else. I love tarot and I love going to Mediums and Clairvoyants for readings, but to do this myself is somewhat daunting. I do know that I have strong intuition and have an ability to manifest things (just got to practicing channeling those abilities now)

I haven't even read the book with the instructions of what to do yet and at the moment will just be pulling out a card each day and seeing what comes up for me in that card. I believe it will also have a resonance with some of you reading this blog as well. So I hope that you can either gather some comfort in the cards or use them as an awareness of self or maybe even give you clarity on a situation that you are facing at the moment. Whatever happens for you is meant to happen and if it has meaning for you it is meant to have meaning, if it doesn't then it is not for you today.

An idea just came to me as I am writing this – Subscribe to my blog so you will automatically receive these readings into your in-box. At the start of each day ask yourself a question and let's just see if the cards that are pulled will give you answers. I hope to get better at this and I am sure it will develop.

So here goes on todays card which is The Outsider. Now I will admit to a little bit of fear around this card for myself. I actually pulled this card the first day I received the pack and ended up putting the card back saying "ooo no I don't like that card" and giggling as if to brush it's existence away as something insignificant. However, two days later out of a pack of 79 cards comes the same card, so I guess I have to face my demons on this one. By the way, I give myself a little interpretation of the card before I read the book.

The way I see this card is that I have been feeling like a little child lost or as an outcast from the life I once knew of corporate busy ness. I made a decision to step into a different way of being and as I stepped into this new way of being found myself feeling like I didn't belong in that world either. It was a world of spiritual beings that sung weird songs, talked to angels and kissed Swami's feet!! (now I'm one of them and another story around all of that later) – So different from what I had ever seen or been involved with.

As an outsider to both of these worlds I found there was no sense of belonging, not even any sense of self. This card to me showed a locked gate, meaning I was stuck in a very lonely place. This is why I didn't want to face this card. However, if you look at the card a little more closer you will notice that the padlock is not even locked. This to me feels like these chains and this lock was used as an excuse for not going deeper into my soul and that all I had to do was to push open the gate and step into my own greatness, gifts and precious power.

This card is one of freedom to completely embrace what is happening to now with love, humility, compassion and courage.

I then read the book for it's interrelation and it's pretty much similar to what has been written. However, one bit I would like to highlight is that when we are an outsider we feel small like a helpless child and we live our lives small and afraid. This is deep rooted to our childhood and these are feelings of the past coming to bite you on the bum. You CAN open the gate and enter that which you most long to become.

It appears that this is a transitory period. Do not fill yourself with pain and misery. You don't need consolation anymore. It's time to stand on your own two feet. The only way to be connected to existence is to go inwards, because at the Centre is where you are completely connected. You may be disconnected from your Mother because that is natural, but you are never disconnected from the Universe. This is conscious connection. Go deep with greater awareness, watchfulness, witnessing and you will find the connection.

I sincerely hope that you got something out of that for yourselves and I believe that the message there is that you are not alone that you are connected to your own universe and that you are ready to open the gate and step into your own greatness. If I can suggest one thing to you – please meditate each day for 10 minutes to start. Don't tell me that you can't because I was convinced I couldn't and now a can and do everyday.

Namaste & Divine Light

Sunni Barnett Suzanne Barnett