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Healing Hatha Yoga to Relax, Revive and Rejuvinate

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Renew Your Love Energy

SunniLove Bali Body, Mind & Soul Retreat on the coast of Bali , known as The Island of the Gods. Highly spiritual, very private location, away from the busy tourist strip, it’s a community of friendly Balinese that welcome visitors to the area with natural ease, making it the perfect place to hold our Healthy Healing Yoga Retreat.

As soon as you enter the SunniLove Retreat the ambience will soothe your body, mind and soul! Our schedule is designed to help you reach into your inner soul. We want you to return to your natural essence of pure love, bliss and joy of living. Being back in nature and by the coast, amidst the natural rhythms of Balinese life, and nurtured by our team, certainly supports and encourages this blissful feeling and state of being.

We enjoy daily yoga and meditation in a spectacular open-air frangipani yoga garden at SunniLove Retreat and open-air Yoga Shala overlooking rolling aqua waves, while cool breezes gently soothe us in our asana practice. At Nirwana you can relax by the pool and enjoy comfortable air-conditioned villas situated in lush tropical gardens.

Friendly Balinese staff pamper you at these serene and contemporary luxurious resorts, so you can totally unwind. Experience a relaxing Traditional Bali body massage and discover the delicious attributes of living and eating raw. The local chef and her team will also prepare a range of nutritious and healthy Asian, Western and vegetarian meals to nourish you.

During your stay with us, you can immerse yourself in authentic Balinese life and culture with a trip to the local traditional market, the impressive Holy Hot Spring or many of the fascinating Balinese Temples in the area. 

Deep At The Centre of Your Being Is An Infinite Well Of Love

By the end of your visit with us, you will take home a heart that is open and peaceful, a body that feels healthy and a memory to last a lifetime. We want you to take home a heart that’s peaceful and pure; and our programme is designed to help access your inner spirit. A spirit that has a child-like wonder and delight in the everyday simple beauty of the world, as it’s connected to all of life. Being back in nature, by the coast, amidst the natural rhythms of life, and nurtured by the Balinese, certainly supports and nurtures this joyful feeling and state of being.

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