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Transcendental Meditation

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.” ~Osho

Transcendental Meditation

Meditating. It’s one of those things that we all know we’d be better off doing, but most of us struggle with it immensely. It’s difficult. It’s hard to find the time. And it often doesn’t seem like it’s working.

For many years, I tried to make meditation a regular habit. But rarely did I do it consistently. It was almost always the first thing to go when crunched for time or feeling stressed. Of course, those are the times that meditation is best!

But, for someone like me who had difficulty paying attention in general, the standard “beginner’s meditation” was insufficient. It’s quite challenging to do nothing but focus on your breath for five minutes, let alone twenty or more. – the idea of shutting off my mind for even a few minutes felt nearly impossible.

I know I’m not alone here. Many people struggle with this, and it is a nontrivial problem. I’m not an insomniac, but on numerous occasions I’ve been completely unable to go to sleep because I simply cannot shut my mind off long enough to pass out.

Sometimes I’m concerned with what someone said to me at work that day. Sometimes it’s missing my family and friends. Sometimes I beat myself up for not doing yoga that day. And sometimes it’s just a whole mess of thoughts that I can’t quite pin down.

As such, I went looking for a meditative technique that can be done any time, anywhere – And found it in transcendental meditation .

As a filmmaker and artist I am inspired by many wonderful people. David Lynch, the great film director and a advocate of TM says "I find the joy of 'doing ' increase. Creativity increases.Intuition increases.The pleasure of life grows.And negativity recedes" – One of the things that impressed me so much about TM when I finally learned it was it's simplicity. It's not ideologically driven, it's not dogmatic. It's a simple practice that calms the mind. It reminds you that it's how you feel inside that's important. If you have that, you have everything.When I meditate, I go to that place where truth lives. I can see what reality really is, and it makes it so much easier to form good relationships then.

And it will change your life completely – It's difficult to describe the effect it's had on my life. I can only mention maybe a few words: calm, clarity, a balance, and, at times, a recognition. It's made a difference. Transcendental Meditation has been incredibly valuable to me in my recovery from cancer and in my personal life and relationships.It helps me deal with life's ups and downs, coming from more of a centred place. Also, it helps with my creativity…I truly believe ideas are able to be caught at a deeper level once you start meditation. Comprehension comes from stillness, focus comes from stillness, and TM is the practice of touching that stillness for a few minutes twice a day.

Noah Hutchison in Bali

Author ~ Noah Hutchison

Do you find time to meditate, if so what type of meditation suits you and for how long.? Please leave your comments below.