IMG_8021I have a confession to make…

Whilst realatively healthy in terms of exercise and I practice Yoga and meditation everyday, sometimes twice a day and pescetarian. My consumption of food has to be brought into question. It seems that I have slipped into very old bad habits of eating vast amounts of bread and sugar. Lot's of excuses such as I've been travelling, I’ve moved a number of times and I’ve become very busy and haven’t had time to shop properly.

All of these are excuses though and today I am making a change especially as after a couple of months of eating toast for breakfast dinner and lunch, with a variety of toppings of course and eating cake and chocolate, my body is now complaining big time.

IMG_4633I’ve noticed that even though my exercise is important and it happens, I am getting very tired during the day; my skin is not as fresh and radiant as it was and my hair is dull and keeps breaking. The external is a little more obvious than the internal of course, but I am definitely feeling more bloated and uncomfortable, with cravings for sugar and bread and headaches are occurring again.

After watching the film ‘Hunger for Change’ it appears I have become addicted to the sugar and have decided to have a detox to get me back on track.

Here is a great article from FoodMatters ‘3 of the most common naturally occurring toxins (and how to avoid them)’  The article also looks at some of the best foods to use for a detox.

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